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Who We Are

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An Underwater View of the Turbine in Action

VaraCorp LLC specializes in aerators, aeration, industrial wastewater treatment, lagoon aeration, wastewater aeration systems, and aeration equipment. Our industrial and municipal aeration equipment features a unique turbine water aeration design. The design is based upon the principles of centrifugal force and of “precession” as applied to rotating fluids. The oxygen transfer efficiency is one of the highest among aerators of all designs. The turbine system has an energy efficiency of up to three times higher than other “Self-Aspirating Aerators” available on the market and has the advantage of no moving parts inside. Depending upon the horsepower and depth of the turbine, these aerators can transfer a volume of air up to 18 liters per second into water.

With no internal moving parts, this water aerator is completely reliable and maintenance free. No need to worry about clogged pump intakes or plants getting tangled. The Turbine is completely self-cleaning.

The system is designed to run 24/7 never having to shut down. However, if a need arises, the pontoon system transforms for easy storage. The pontoons slide together, motor sits into the pontoons and the motor cross arm ties them together.See image

The pontoons are made of a polyethylene shell with stainless steel support beams. Then completely foam filled to make it unsinkable and easy to assemble.

What We Do

VaraCorp is a U. S. engineering and marketing company which designs and sells various systems using turbine aeration technology. We offer peripheral equipment to fit most applications, from home applications to industrial grade systems. Specifically, we have industrial grade 3 phase and single phase systems. For those clients who prefer the metric system, we can provide the peripheral equipment in metric sizes.
We are pleased to offer free consultation to clients on the specific wastewater aeration equipment which fits their needs. Within the SERVICES link on this website we provide information on the challenges which face various industries regarding wastewater disposal, pathogen control in water, or the need to aerate water to support aquatic life. In each case we discuss the types of aerators which are commonly used in these respective industries. We conclude by stating our belief that the is the state-of-the-art in aeration, can outperform, out generate, and outlast any aerator of similar size and horsepower. Our firm opinion is that the Turbine is simply the best all-around aerator in today’s market.
Aerobic microbes and dissolved oxygen are the key to most water problems. Turbine Technology is the answer to your needs!

What We Can Do For You

VaraCorp offers complete aeration systems such as for the following applications or any water needing dissolved oxygen.

Aerobic microbes play a big role in clean water remediation. These good guys need plenty of oxygen to survive and flourish.

Water aeration is a key component for aerobic micro-organisms to flourish. These microbes are needed to help clean water to its natural state. Mountain streams are clear and pure due to the natural aeration of water falling over rocks and movement of the stream. When water is stagnate, this natural process must be duplicated.